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Busua Community Tourist Center (CTC)
Locally influencing the direction of development in the area and establishing international relationships from a platform of equality.

Our Mission

Black Star Development aims to design, organize and implement specialized development projects in small communities in Ghana.

The range and scope of our projects are broad and evolving, but the goal is to help different Ghanaian communities develop sustainably while elevating the standard of living and quality of life. The Organization is currently focused on ecotourism, but in the future the Organization will undertake other development projects, including education, health, sanitation and environmental projects. Through partnerships, project coordinators, interns and volunteers, the Organization works with the local communities to address their needs in a responsible way.

Development Issues in Busua

Busua is a coastal, traditional fishing village in the Western Region of Ghana. Despite the thriving and fast growing tourist industry in the Busua area, widespread poverty exists and there are many development challenges that the community faces.